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Based near Düsseldorf, the company has been developing and building telescopic jib cranes for more than 50 years.

Active in the steel industry for the cleaning and demolition of ladle refractory or converter refractory, TML is able to offer a solution for every application. Products from the TML range can also be found in mining works, tunnel construction or in the making of embankments on roads or railways.

modèles TML Unidachs - liecth - TML group

Demolition machines


  • TML Unidachs models are known for their robustness and are capable of working in extreme applications.
  • The range of the machines is from 5.5T to 42T. It is equipped with telescopic arms (from 2 to 5.5m) and continuously rotating 360°.
  • Depending on the type of terrain and the application, these machines are equipped with tracks, tyres or a system for movement on rails.
  • They can also be radio-controlled.

Telescopic arms


  • For special requirements, TML also develops and produces telescopic and 360° continuously rotating arms for standard excavators. These can have a stroke of up to 5,500mm.
  • In all cases, a stability and compatibility study must be carried out by TML engineers.
Machine de chez TML Group
Outil de forage - TML group

Drilling machines


  • Specially designed for taphole drilling of converters in the steel industry.
  • Optionally, can be equipped with a tool to reposition the new nozzle.

Loading machines


  • Based on a lift, the loading machine is equipped with a gearbox and its loading trough can be rotated by 160°.
  • This machine can take loads up to 2T and is equipped with a diesel engine.
Machine de chargement - TML group
shooter-machine TML group



  • Machine designed to repair refractory materials on converters or ladles of various sizes.
  • It works on the dry spraying principle.
  • It can be equipped with diesel or electric motorisation.

Deslagging machines


  • Static installation for the cleaning of pockets (Slag).
  • Telescope travel from 5 to 10.000mm.
Machine de chargement - TML group

50 years of experience and know-how

TML Technik GmbH

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