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More than 60 years of experience and Raco’s know-how have made Raco electric cylinders a preferred drive concept in the field of electromechanical linear movements.

This was followed by the development of high-precision drive ball screws and spring brake units. Raco provides customised solutions according to the customer’s wishes by delivering quality products for which precision drive is required.

Electric cylinder: modular and compact system

Electric cylinder: modular and compact system


  • The electromechanical drive system is increasingly being considered in comparison to fluid drive technology.
  • The robust modular system is suitable for the toughest operating conditions in conjunction with high positioning accuracy.
  • All construction sizes are available with trapezoidal or ball screws.
  • The Raco compact is a purely electromechanical cylinder with smaller dimensions. It is robust and designed for industrial use, maintenance-free thanks to lifetime lubrication.

Ball screw Raco


  • These have become essential in the construction of modern plant and machine tools.
  • When precise positioning at high control frequencies is required, these drive systems prove their efficiency.
  • This equipement consists of a screw, a nut system with ball return and balls as rolling elements.
  • It is used to convert a rotational movement into a linear movement and vice versa.
Ball screw Raco
Electric cylinder: modular and compact system

Raco linear actuators


  • They are used to move loads linearly and with very high precision.
  • Available in many variants (up to 900 kN) and equipped with the Raco drive system, they are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.




RACOmatic® extends the functionality of RACO electric actuators to ready-to-use, high-precision linear drives. 

The mechanical components, software and sensors have been perfectly adapted to the equipment architecture and the corresponding requirements.

RACO thus provides a customised solution for any actuation profile in many ranges and designs.

Ball screw Raco
Ecluse Marchienne


Steel water engineering – Applications for locks and movable bridges


RACO electric cylinders are used for opening and closing as well as for locking the weighbridges. 

Special attention was paid to the hydrotechnical application conditions of the electric actuator under the following aspects:

  • Lifetime of the cylinder, in particular the spindle and nut system
  • Operational integrity under extreme temperatures and temperature changes
  • Resistance to corrosion of the components and the appropriate classification

60 years of experience and reliability

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